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Skylight Installation in Dallas, Oregon

Need natural light in your house? We install skylights in residential and commercial buildings in Dallas

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Skylight Installation in Dallas, OR

Light Up Your House or Business With a Skylight!

Victory Roofing's Skylight Installation service in Dallas, Oregon specializes in enhancing the beauty and functionality of homes through expert skylight installations. With a keen eye for design and a focus on safety, we ensure your skylight seamlessly integrates with your roof and complements your property's style. 


Our team of skilled and licensed experts is ready to either repair or replace your current skylight. Additionally, we can assist you in identifying the ideal location for installing a new skylight if you're seeking to enhance the natural light in your home. Contact us today to brighten your home in Dallas with our skylight installation near you!

What is a Skylight?

A skylight, positioned on the roof or a slanted exterior wall, serves various purposes for homeowners:

  1. Enhancing Natural Light: Skylights, situated on the roof, allow natural light to permeate both day and night, reducing the need for artificial lighting and contributing to energy savings.

  2. Improving Ventilation: Opting for a skylight that opens, either manually or electronically, facilitates cross ventilation. This is especially beneficial for cooling and refreshing rooms that may become hot and stuffy.

  3. Solar Heating in Winter: Skylights admit ample direct sunlight, aiding in warming homes during the winter. To moderate sunlight intensity in the summer, the installation of shades on the skylight is an effective solution.

  4. Enhancing Aesthetics and Views: Skylights can create a sense of spaciousness and a natural ambiance in any room. Depending on their placement, they can offer improved city views or a glimpse of the stars on clear Portland nights.

  5. Increasing Property Value: Cosmetic investments like skylight installations contribute to the overall attractiveness of a home, thereby elevating its resale value.

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Types of Skylights Offered:

At Victory Roofing, our commitment is to provide you with top-quality skylights for your replacement needs. We proudly offer high-quality skylights that are known for their extensive range of skylight options, including:

1. Classic Skylights:

Our classic skylights come in two variations, manual and electronic, allowing you to select the opening method that suits your preferences. Additionally, we offer solar-powered classic skylights, equipped with an internal battery that recharges to facilitate effortless opening and closing.

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2. Fixed or Flat Roof Skylights:

If your goal is to infuse your space with more natural light without the need for ventilation, our fixed skylights present an economical solution. For homes with flat or low-pitch roofs, our flat roof skylights are designed to bring in an abundance of light.

3. Tunnel Skylights:

In cases where you desire natural light in a room that doesn't have direct roof access, tunnel skylights offer an innovative solution. They feature a cylindrical design that connects the roof to the ceiling, allowing daylight to penetrate.

4. Oversized or Modular Skylights: 

For those seeking to make a bold design statement, we offer oversized skylights that can span several feet or modular skylights that cover entire rooms. Our selection also includes skylights with unique shapes and color tints, enhancing the visual appeal of your space.

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Why Choose Victory Roofing to Install your Residential Skylight:

5+ years of Skylight Installation Experience in Dallas OR

With over five years of hands-on experience Victory Roofing, and Jack Dunagan has earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable skylight instillation contractor. 

 Safety and Integrity of your Home:

The safety of your home is paramount to us. Our professionals conduct thorough assessments to guarantee that your roof can safely support the skylight installation.

Tailored Skylight Solutions

Our approach to skylight installation is client-centric. We work closely with you to understand your specific goals, style preferences, and the compatibility of your roof, ensuring the skylight is a perfect fit for your home.

Installation Guarantee

We understand that every roof is unique. Whether you have an asphalt shingle, metal, tile, or flat roof, we tailor our services to match your specific needs and preferences. Our team works closely with you to select the right materials, design, and style to suit your property.

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Skylight Installation Services

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At Victory Roofing Services, we follow a systematic process to ensure a smooth and successful skylight project for your home:

How Do We Install The Right Skylight?

At Victory Roofing, we guide you in selecting the most suitable skylight options, taking into account:

  • Your Motivation: Whether your focus is on energy savings or enhancing your home's appeal, we tailor our recommendations to align with your specific goals.

  • Preferred Skylight Style: Regardless of your aesthetic preferences, we offer a range of design options to complement any skylight type you choose.

  • Roof Characteristics: Recognizing that not all skylights are compatible with every roof type, our roofing experts conduct a thorough inspection to ensure your roof can safely support the skylight installation.

Skylight Repair

Our Skylight Repair service addresses issues promptly and effectively, ensuring the optimal performance of your skylights. Our trained professionals specialize in diagnosing and resolving a range of problems, from leaks and condensation to mechanical malfunctions.


We conduct thorough assessments to identify the root causes, employing industry-best practices to execute precise repairs. Whether it's replacing seals, repairing flashing, or addressing structural issues, our team is equipped to handle diverse skylight repair needs. 

Skylight Replacement

In cases where a skylight is irreparable, our professionals will:

  • Remove Existing Skylight: We ensure careful removal without causing damage to your roof or home.

  • Assist in Skylight Selection: If you prefer a hassle-free process, we can aid in selecting a new skylight, finding the closest match to your existing model.

  • Install New Skylight: Our experienced professionals handle the installation with the same meticulous care applied during removal, drawing on years of expertise in skylight replacement.

Should I Install My Skylight On My Own Or Hire A Contractor?

Deciding whether to handle skylight installation on your own or to hire a contractor relies on several key factors. Skylight installation is a process that demands expertise in construction and safety measures. If you lack experience in this area, it's highly recommended to consider hiring a professional roofer and contractor for the installation.

Victory Roofing offers skylight installation in Dallas Oregon. With our understanding of local building codes and permit requirements, we ensure your installation complies with all regulations. We focus on providing homeowners, especially those without prior experience in skylight installation, a secure, efficient, and high-quality installation choice.

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Get Your Skylight Installation Today!

Victory Roofing is the Leading Skylight Installation Contractor in Dallas Oregon

For further information or to schedule your initial consultation, please reach out to us today. Our team is ready to answer your questions and assist you with your skylight and roof project. Call us now to get started!

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